Amica Local

We've been busy bringing our new project, @amicalocal, to life — a space that's not just our new home base, but also a haven for you and your animal(s)to experience Amica firsthand. The concept of Amica Local was born from our desire to provide animals and their owners with an interactive, organic experience — a hub for community, knowledge exchange, and fresh, nutritious foods.

Drawing inspiration from the abundant offerings of the Pacific Northwest, famous for its fresh produce, seafood, and premium proteins, we've partnered with top farms, processors, and distributors to offer a diverse range of treats and foods for animals.

We are excited for our community to grow and thankful for the support we have received so far. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue on this journey!

Tracy & Jeff

Come visit us.

8731 Maltby Rd. #11, Snohomish, WA 98296

By Appointment Only. Please email us at or call (951) 551-0573 for scheduling a time to stop by.