Roam Wolf Dog Sanctuary

Roam Wolfdog Sanctuary is a non-profit organization delivering awareness and education on wolves, wolf dogs and ownership. They maintain the goal of delivering on their commitments to educate, inform and rescue wolf dogs that have been otherwise, neglected, abandoned, and displaced. Their primary mission: provide a sanctuary for these animals to live out the remainder of their lives.

Partnering with Roam

Amica is delighted to announce its partnership with Roam Wolf Dog Sanctuary, headquartered in Shelton, Washington. This collaboration is centered on our shared commitment to promoting education, outreach, and nutrition tailored to the biological needs of these remarkable animals. 

Our close collaboration with Roam focuses on the development of species appropriate food and treats crucial for the well-being and survival of these unique canids. Unlike domestic dogs these canids often thrive on a diet rich in protein, in contrast to the preference of a higher-fat diet with domestic canines. 

As we foster a strong relationship with these magnificent creatures, our dedication lies in providing them with nutrient-rich sources and healthier products to ensure they thrive in their current habitat. Our enduring affection for these incredible animals fuels our belief that in supporting them, we can forge a profound and meaningful connection between our species. We look forward to your support with Amica’s Conservation Project - Canis Lupus.

Founder Profile

Jodi Woolard established an educational platform and organization centered around wolf dog rescue. A place where these animals can be rehabilitated and left to live free. She is a Montana native with a lifetime of experience tending to animals in various capacities. Most notably her venture, “Woods Creek Kennels” which was later acquired allowing her to focus on her mission to support these animals.