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As tribute to our ancestry we want to celebrate the new year as Japanese descendants. April brought about the famous cherry blossoms, the school year, and businesses fiscal year in Japan. While May is a month where we observe our Asian Heritage. As we reflect on our upbringing we’re reminded of the lessons passed down from our grandparents and mother.


Never waste, be resourceful and respect what you catch. Both, our grandmother (Mama) and our grandfather (Papa) demonstrated these lessons in their own manner. Mama, a seamstress for local schools, hospitals, and general businesses, saved scraps of fabric to create napkins, baby bibs, and other pieces of clothing. Papa, taught us lessons in repurposing by taking corks from wine bottles and turning them into fishing bobbers; these were later used in Hawaii at our yearly meet ups. Both influenced Amica and how we utilize every part of the animal, plant, and mushroom.

Respect the Craft

More of an indirect influence of our Japanese heritage we are forever captivated by the time-honored traditions in knife making, swords, and many of the artists and culinary experts within the country. Most notably we are inspired by Fujinuma Noboru, a bamboo artist and National Treasure of Japan. This designation brings significant meaning by the Japanese government as a holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property. Noboru-san spends approximately six months to make just one basket. He is engrossed in his work while he hones, smooths, and prepares each strand of bamboo used in his works. Tracy has been able to meet, video, and speak with Noboru-san, capturing intimate moments of his life and craft. When we started Amica, we knew our processes were key to developing amazing products. Much like Noboru-san, spending time to understand the details of each step and purpose, can result in delicate flavors and aromas.

Pride & Determination

Even closer to home our dear mother. We recall the time where she was a clerk for the city. Then suddenly she had a business, or at least that is how we perceived it. Her story of starting from nothing to creating a world class business working with top brands and corporations is astounding. We are forever grateful for her determination in shaping our lives and instilling such great care in how we perceive the world and our ability to navigate it.

The influence of Japanese traditions, foods, and people contributed to Amica, and the inspiration of our Meal Enhancement line, using the nomenclature Furikake. This Japanese condiment compliments many different dishes, however, rice remains the most common. We grew up with so many different flavors, and still use them today. Naturally, in establishing a stronger connection with our own animals, we developed a recipe to share with everyone. So to bring in the new year we honor our past and share it with you through Salmon and Quail Furikake. We know your animals will love it!

Jeff & Tracy

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